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Welcome to Children Making A Change

About the club

    CMAC is an Out Of School service, registered with Ofsted and is located in two sites in the London borough of Brent.

    We provide childcare for children 4yrs-12yrs, operate from 3.00pm-5.45pm weekdays and is based in the school hall. Children and Staff alike engage in fun activities that are childcentred in a safe environment and insured as required. 


    Gladstone Primary School

    Wembley Primary School


    • To offer an inclusive service, accessible to all children in the community.
    • Ensure each child feels happy, safe and secure, allowing them to learn and develop freely in a play centred environment.
    • Encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
    • Encourage children to develop positive attitudes and respect for themselves and others, in an environment free from bullying and discrimination.
    • Provide a wide range of resources and equipment which can be used under safe and supervised conditions.
    • Offer a programme of activities which meets the needs of each child, promoting their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, enabling them to become confident, independent and cooperative individuals.
    • Work in partnership with parents to provide high quality play and care.
    • Review and evaluate our services to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of children in our care and those of their parents or carers.
    • Keep parents and carers informed about changes in the administration of the Club and to listen and respond to their views and concerns.
    • Communicate effectively with parents and carers and to discuss experiences, progress and any difficulties that may arise.
    • Employ experienced, well trained staff and offer them appropriate support.
    • Comply with the Children’s Act 1989, the Childcare Act 2006 and all other relevant legislation.
    • To have a muti-agency partnership with local authorities, educational institutions and employment agencies


    CMAC is a privately run company committed to equal opportunity, employing staff who live locally. The club is run by qualified and experienced staff who are all DBS checked with a First-aider. Our ratio is 1/10 children and we maintain a a close working relationship with school.  We are registered with Ofsted and insured with a dedicated childcare company.

    We aim to provide a safe, secure and relaxed environment, adopting a home from home atmosphere for the children to enjoy and develop.

    To attend the club, you need to register your child. This is done by filling out the necessary forms. These forms will contain information concerning your child, is confidential and needs to be updated as your circumstances change. 

    We will make every effort to include children with physical or learning challenges. We liaise with parents/carers to assess your childs individual needs and risk assess our resources/staffing/environment to ensure safety for the child and all in the club. We also involve school's SENCO to provide continuity of care. We would need to know if your child is taking prescribed medication that needs administering during club hours.

    Before attending we invite parent/carer/child to come and see the club so we can all be introduced and encourage early collection on their first day. An EYFS ( Early Years Foundation-Reception) child will be allocated a keyworker to support induction and settling-in.

    At the point of registration a £5.00 registration fee will be charged and fee paid in advance. Once your place is booked you pay for the sessions booked even if your child is off for any reason. Bank holidays and School closures will not be charged for. Non-payment of fees will incur a weekly £10.00 late fee charge and your place terminated. Two weeks notice of leaving or changes in your booked days must be given.

Service delivery

    We offer a range of activities, including cooking, arts & crafts, Wii, recreational games, imaginary play, outdoor, sports and much more. During their time at the club, children choose activities they enjoy. We also accommodate homework space for children who want to do so.

    Children in Reception are collected by the staff and taken to the hall. A register is taken and the children also sign themselves in. Please let your teacher know that your child attend the club. If your child is off school we need to know prior. In cases of school sending your child home or in an emergency let as know as soon as possible.

    We are unable to care for children who are unwell. If your child become sick whilst at the club we will contact you to collect.

    Precautions are taken to ensure safety but accidents do occur. We have a first-aider and first aid kit. We carry out termly emergency evacuations.

    Children are signed-out on collection by named people on the registration form. If you are sending someone not on the form, we will not let your child go unless you have let us know prior and password given.

    The club closes promptly at 5.45pm if you're delayed let us know before as soon as you know you're going to be late. A late fee charge of £5.00 for every 15 minutes will be applied to cover staff overtime and transport costs incurred as a result of lateness.

Safeguarding children

    We plan to create an environment in which children are safe and have a policy of identifying signs of abuse. If we have concerns of any abuse , it is promptly and appropriately responded to. We are mandatory reporters of Safeguarding in compliance with Ofsted and Local Authorities procedures.

    Staff and children have created rules for behavior whilst at the club called the Ground rules. These are displayed for all the children to see. We recognise that unacceptable behaviour can occur from time to time for reasons not always evident or as a result of a disability, Our Behaviour policy encompasses all factors.

    The club operates under many policies and procedures which are reviewed and updated. The main ones are on the noticeboard and are available at your request.

    If you have any concerns let us know. The Complaints procedure is displayed on the noticeboard.

Daily routine

    3.00pm Staff arrive, prepare snacks and room set-up.

    3.15pm Children collected/arrive, welcomed, registration and washing hands

    3.20pm Snack-time ( Brown bread, crackers, bagels, pitter bread, croissants. brioche, spreads, cheese, beans, fresh veg&fruits and water.)

    3.45pm Outdoor/indoor play.

    5.15pm Tidying-up starts.

    5.35pm Wind-down activity.

    5.45pm Club closure-all children collected.

Gladstone club:
07760 163 342

Wembley club:
07404 987 458


Proprietor Joan Mcfarlane:
07904 147 399